How do we make it

We obviously have a well-equipped machinery at our disposal for the manufacturing of TubePro products, such as pipe dividers, manifolds, tube fittings, suspension frames, pipe systems and suchlike, in addition to a good and technically skilled operations team.

Apart from the separately mentioned production facilities such as robotic welding and friction drilling, DS Metaal has:

  • Sheet metal processing machines, such as
    • Laser cutting machine, table dimensions: 3 x 1.5 m – power 3 kW
    • HD-plasma cutting machine
    • Waterjet cutting machine
    • Brake press
  • Drilling lines for tubes
  • Automatic sawing machines for tubes (and suchlike)
  • Bending benches for tubes
  • Metal cutting machines, such as:
    • Processing centres
    • Lathes
    • Milling machines
    • Horizontal drilling machines
    • Drill presses
  • Miscellaneous, including:
    • Steel blast cabinet for smaller parts
    • Degreasing and spray cabin
    • Assembly line

Our strong operations team, the available machinery and our further, high-quality infrastructure, enables us to produce your products entirely in-house and on our own account.

We are more than able to guarantee you reliable quality and fixed delivery times based on our possibilities. This makes DS Metaal your ideal partner for the delivery of numerous of your products, or parts thereof. Especially when you have high demands for the quality of your products.

Discover what TubePro can do for you.