Robotic welding

Our major speciality. Particularly for heavy and series-produced welding. More than 20 years of experience guarantees high-quality and certified welded products. From loose parts and ready-to-mount components and/or modules up to and including completely assembled and tested end products.

We offer you:

  • large flexibility in product execution, serial volume and delivery times
  • high quality standards
  • very competitive rates
  • support in the area of engineering and logistics.

In a co-makership we translate your wishes into optimum customer satisfaction. With a substantial degree of effectiveness, security and continuity. With virtually any form of pre-processing and post-processing as integral part of our production facilities.

We perform all our welding activities according to ISO 3834; the guarantee for perfection and safety. The seven welding robots include, for example, a tandem-welding robot in order to apply a welding seam with a height of A=12mm in one welding bath.

We also take care of all types of conservation, packaging, storage and transport and we have practically all pre-processing and post-processing possibilities in the area of metalwork:

  • laser cutting
  • water cutting and waterjet cutting
  • HD-plasma cutting
  • machining operations (turning, milling, boring, drilling, etc.)
  • pipe processing
  • chamfering, placement
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