Steel tube fittings and suspension frames

TubePro provides for you virtually all steel tube fittings up to and including tube diameter DN250. Threaded connections, flanged connections, welded joints; we offer you an adequate solution for nearly all customer requirements. Our machinery containing several welding robots, wire cutting machines, friction drilling installations and a complete line of machines aimed at plate processing and machining operations, enable us to produce your products in an efficient and competitive way.

Would you like to have your products tested on pressure or apply a form of conservation: TubePro takes care of it for you.

TubePro is able to supply you with a wide range of products related to prefab pipe systems, but also with suspension frames, made of light metal profile, to cover, for example, equipment such as central heating boilers and suchlike.

Our services furthermore include:

  • Automotive Steel Tubes.
  • Steel connection kits for piping.
  • Balcony fencing and banisters.
  • Tube Systems.
  • Piping, ready-to-mount.
Discover what TubePro can do for you.